A message from me

Hi there, thanks for stopping by

My name is Joni, I am the founder of Rainbow Child. 

My husband and I both grew up in large families with lots of siblings and have always had a passion for little kids. From a young age I was hooked on all things baby, especially the newborn age. After being promoted to Uncle & Aunty, and just recently becoming pregnant myself, I am obsessed with the Kids/Baby Industry and dreamed of starting my own little business. As I watched my nephews grow through their 'stages' one of the issues they always faced (and still do) was teething. I often discussed with my friends and family how there wasn't many options in New Zealand for cute looking teethers so this is where my vision grew, and here we are - Offering an ever-growing collection of adorable toys & teethers for all kiwi mama's + minis. 

As we began the process of creating our brand, I kept coming back to the miracle of pregnancy, childbirth and children in general. The Name 'Rainbow Child' came to mind one night after church while thinking about all those mothers out there that talk about their miracle 'Rainbow Baby'. The bible verse above came to mind and I thought;  Every Child is a Miracle - 'Every good & perfect gift is from above'. 

So this is for every mother, every child because each and everyone of us, are a miracle from above. 

Rainbow Child will strive to bring you new and trending baby products that are hard to find within New Zealand, hoping to promote everyone to 'Shop Small' & 'Support Local'.

xo Joni



Rainbow Child makes modern baby goods the old fashioned way. Our goods are designed for conscious, busy mums who prefer design-led baby toys for their little one. Crafted by hand, we only use organic and non toxic materials that are safe. Of course, all our toys have been independently tested and passed the NZ and Australian safety standard. Our goods are available from the best baby boutiques throughout New Zealand and Australia as well as through our online store.

Our Values 

We Care

This is our driving value, we genuinely do care and want the best for our clients, from the meticulous quality of our goods, the testing of our products to the way we deliver our goods to you.   


Our goods are handmade from natural products and our packaging is sustainable. 


I am married to my lovely husband and we are both from large families, at Rainbow Child trust is a driving factor in all our day to day decisions.   

Supporting Little + Local

We love to shop local and support small Kiwi businesses, from working with our brand designer in Wellington, to our packaging supplier in Auckland we always shop local where possible. 

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